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Your bank does not want you to hire a lawyer. Your bank wants you to ignore the complaint filed against you. You are entitled to hire an attorney and fight the bank. YOU NEED TO KNOW YOUR LEGAL RIGHTS.

If you do not respond to the Complaint in 20 days, the Bank will seek a Default, which will prevent you from asserting your rights in Court. YOU MUST ACT IMMEDIATELY and protect yourself.

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You have the right to require your Bank to comply with complicated statutory procedures and rules and may increase your opportunity for a successful result. In your Court case, you have the right to require the Bank to produce documents and information which can benefit your case.

Many times the Bank files a foreclosure and does not have the right to sue you. It is important to have a lawyer to fight for your rights and determine if you have damages/causes of action against the Bank.

Many people mistakenly think that a Loan Mitigation Company will stop foreclosure in Fort Lauderdale. This is not correct. Usually the Bank’s lawyer does not know that the bank is mitigating a loan. It is urgent that you do not rely on a Loan Mitigation Company to stop foreclosure in Miami. If you continue to receive documents from the Court it is a sign that the Bank’s lawyer is continuing with the foreclosure process.

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