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Jones Act

The Jones Act takes its name from Senator Wesley L. Jones, who sponsored a bill to protect the rights of seamen. This bill became a United States Federal Statute in 1920. The statute not only regulates maritime commerce in U.S. ports and waters, but also governs "maintenance" and "cure" benefits to seamen. Maintenance refers to the daily allowance an employer must pay a seaman during injury. Cure is the term used to describe the coverage paid by the employer for employee medical bills. Proof of negligence is required in order to obtain maintenance and cures, which creates a significant distinction between the Jones Act and workers compensation where employers must provide coverage regardless of fault. An unfit vessel, defective equipment or other unsafe working conditions while working on a vessel or while working under the service of a vessel may result in sufficient grounds to bring a lawsuit under the Jones Act. Recovery of damages could include compensation for pain and suffering, current and future medical expenses as well as lost wages.

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