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Wrongful Death Lawyers

Florida’s Wrongful Death Law separates the way claims are presented and compensation is paid for negligent conduct that results in a victim’s death. The death of a victim need not be immediate in time as relates to an event but rather might occur much later so long as the connection is there.

A Wrongful Death claim or proceeding must follow the appointment of a Personal Representative (PR) by the Court and that individual will bring all claims related to the death. Included in claims brought or suits filed by the PR are those claims of the Estate itself, for money that the victim would have accumulated (“net accumulations”) over their natural life, and for the emotional turmoil and agony of the survivors left behind. The statutes define the persons who may be claimed as survivors.

Lawsuits for the Wrongful Death of a loved one must be brought in Court more quickly than other claims for physical injury without death.

Wrongful Death claims may be the result of a variety of causes including but not limited to improper medical care, vehicle accidents, industrial or work related accidents, product failure, and even the negligent maintenance of property or negligent operations of a business.